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lamp shades

Lamp Shades

Come in and see our wide selection of silk, cloth covered, and hard back lamp shades.  Not sure what size you need?  Bring in your old one and we will match it for you.

antique chandeliers

Antique Chandeliers

From small to large, from clear to colorful, we carry a nice selection of antique chandeliers for you to choose from.

antique lamps

Antique Lamps of All Kinds

Come stroll through our store and choose from lamps of various styles, colors, and construction.  You are sure to find something you like.

antique lamp repair


With over 28 years of experience we know how to bring antique lamps “back to light.”  Our knowledgeable, in-house service technicians carefully determine the need and provide a quote for your lamp repair.  Whether its an electrical or mechanical problem, or you want to bring back the shine, we can help you.

Something About Us

After years of collecting and repairing lamps as a hobby, Decatur Lamp Company was officially opened in 1988 by its’ founders: Frank D. Prestwood, and his son, Jerry D. Prestwood. Both saw a need for a company that specialized in repairing and restoring not only regular light fixtures, but antique lamps and fixtures. The owners later grew into the store next door and added over 200 lamp shade categories; including, silk and glass shades. Decatur Lamp Company remains at it’s original location.