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Cloth Lamp shades 7 - Decatur Lamp Company - Decatur AL 

Fabric Lamp Shades

Great lamps demand great fabric lamp shades.  We carry a very large array of fabrics lamp shades including silk.  These come in a wide range of sizes.  We have lamp shades that fit...
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Glass New and Antique Ball Shade

Decatur Lamp Company stocks a large quantity of beautiful new and antique ball shades for your antique lamp needs.  These hand-painted / colored glass ball shades come in a variety of sizes.  Bring...
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antique lamp glass shade 1 

Glass Antique Lamp Shades

Your quest for glass antique lamp shades and new shades is over!  Welcome to a Decatur Lamp Company of Decatur, AL where you will find a large array of lamp shades for many...
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Scenic Lamp Shades

Our scenic, hard back lamp shades are made for Uno lamp, goose necks and bridge arm lamp floor lamps or smaller table-top lamps.  These shades are typically rectangular and come in many themes...
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lamp finial 1 

Lamp Shade Finials

We stock a large supply of new and antique lamp finials (sometimes called lamp toppers, shade toppers, or lamp shade knobs.)  Our finials come in various metals and also glass. We can also...
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Antique Chandeliers

You don’t need an antique home to love the look of antique chandeliers!  At Decatur Lamp Company, we carry a wide range of antique chandeliers to fit most every taste.   Our chandeliers come...
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